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December 24, 2012
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   It silently watched them. It. Watched them. Them. Them. Them. The faint sound of snarling echoed out from a place unknown. Why? Why did it have to be them? Them. Them.

   The simple fact the two were within three feet of each other created a dark unpleasant feel. The boy smiled and the girl nodded as the two walked in the peaceful garden. It watched them as they spoke and laughed. It. Watched them. Them. Them. Them. In the peaceful garden. The peaceful garden. The familiar garden

   But It could bear to watch the two no longer. No longer. No longer. It dropped from It's tree and stealthily ran from the upsetting place.

   "so... He's the one..." It said as It left.


   Miku looked up at the branch of her apple tree. Had she just seen something? No. Ridiculous. There was nothing there. A shadow at the most.


   Miku smiled and quietly chuckled at herself. Was she still thinking of last night? Let it go, Miku... she said to herself in her mind. You'll probably never even see that guy again...


   "Hm?" Miku turned and smiled at Len. "What is it?"

   "You haven't answered my question, dear"

   Miku tried not to shiver. Dear. It sounded so strange to her. Especially coming from this boy she has known for two days. "I'm sorry. What was it?"

   "What sort of suit would you like me to wear at our wedding?" Len grinned.

   "Oh..." Miku lowered her head. "A dark one with a tie, I suppose" she mumbled.

   Len frowned and glared at Miku, then looked away. "Your answer is disappointing, upsetting, and disgusting!"

   "I'm sorry" she gulped and looked up at Len with sad eyes.


   Len smirked. He loved hearing that sad shaky tone in Miku's voice. It gave him a strong dominant feel.

   "Oh, It's okay!" Len said as he grinned and pulled Miku close into a tight hug. "I can't stay mad at you, dear" he whispered in her ear.

   Len blushed and silently smirked. He loved holding Miku this close. His hands ran slowly up and down her back as he pulled her closer.

   "Len?" Miku said with a more firm tone.

   Len blushed even more and quietly laughed. Her chest was so soft and plush against his.

   "Len!" Miku must have caught onto Len's thoughts because she pulled away and crossed her arms over her chest as a massive blush burned her face.

   "Hm?" Len quietly laughed and stepped closer to Miku.

   "Gah! Right when I was beginning to respect you!" Miku screamed and slapped the smirking blonde boy in front of her. She then ran off, leaving the boy alone with a remaining faint smirk spread across his lips...


   Rin sat in the dining room alone and sighed down at the tiny teacup in front of her. Now that Len was growing fond of Miku, he would not be spending much time with her. His own sister.

   She stared down at the tea in her cup and saw her own face staring back at her. But something was different. A similar smiling face next to hers was not to be seen.

   A tiny clear drop of water dropped into the tea cup, distorting the sad girl's face.

   "Gah!" a clear ringing voice screamed.

   Rin rose her head and looked up to find Miku running into the dining room. Miku then sat down in a chair and threw her head an arms onto the table.

   "Miku? What's wrong, sweetie?" Rin asked as Miku began to sob. She placed a hand on Miku's shoulder to comfort her. "What's wrong?" she asked again.

   "I miss him" Miku said with a sad shaky voice. Miku clawed at the table cloth and pulled it closer to her face to comfort her.

   Rin frowned. It was terrible seeing her future sister (in law, that is) torn apart like this. "Who? Who do you miss?" she dared to ask.

   "K..." Miku started, but never finished her answer.


   Miku heard footsteps that were very similar to her father's. She rose her head and glanced into the hallway. As expected, Papa was walking by. He was obviously heading for his office.

   "Miku? You haven't answered my question"

   But Miku ignored Rin. She quickly stood up from her chair and ran to her papa. By the time she caught up with him, he was already in his office.

   "Miku? Dear, what's wrong?" He asked as Miku hugged him tightly and sobbed in his chest.

   "Why!?" Miku demanded.

   "Why what?" Her father asked.

   "Why him!?"


   "Him! Len! Why!?"

   Miku's papa froze for a few minutes and stared down at her. After a pause, he finally spoke. "Miku. We need this. We need your marriage"

   "But why with him!?"

   "His family is very wealthy, his father is an acquaintance of mine, and he's around your age"

   Miku stared hard at her father for a few seconds. Did she dare tell him the truth? The truth that there was someone else she'd prefer to marry?

   Yes. She dared tell him.

   "Kaito is wealthy, his father is your best friend, he's around my age, and I'd much prefer him" she mumbled as she lowered her head.

   Miku heard her papa sigh a heavy sigh. "I tried, Miku. I really did" her papa mumbled in response.

   Miku looked up at her father with wide shocked eyes. "You did?" she asked.

   "Yes. The second I saw how well you two were getting along and how quickly you were growing fond of each other, I spoke to his father about arranging a marriage between you two. The problem with betrothals is..." Miku's papa sighed again before continuing, "...both fathers must agree to it"

   Miku gulped and looked down at the floor. So it wasn't her papa's fault.

   "But believe me when I say I tried. Please believe me. Kaito was a very nice and charming boy, and I know he would've cared for you as well as any great husband"

   Miku sighed and walked out of the office. Her papa tried and Kaito's father refused. This lowered her chances of seeing him again and marrying him even more. She slowly walked up the staircase in a slow gloomy matter. She took her time walking down the halls and staring at the floor beneath her. For how slow she was walking, she could have counted the cracks in each stone tile. But she didn't. Because her heart was getting more cracks in it as well, and she was busy counting those cracks instead. All the shattered pieces and that built up over the years. She walked into her bedroom and sat in the chair by her window. She looked up into the sky and stared at the beautiful clear blue color. Not a cloud in sight.


   Hours have passed and it was now twilight. Miku lay in her bed and tried to sleep. But she did not cry this night. The thought of her papa begging Kaito's father to betroth his son to his daughter put her mind at ease. There was a chance. Even if it was small. Even if it never happened. It was still there, lingering in the past.

   But although she was eased, she could not sleep. She tossed and turned, trying to get into a comfortable position. But no pose was comfortable for long.

   Just then, the windows of her bedroom flew open. Wind blew and screamed through her bedroom as her curtains danced and twirled along with the rhythm of the wind's howling.

   Miku sat up and stared at the window in awe. What opened it?

   And as if to answer her question, a young man climbed through the window and instantly closed it behind him. It was the same young man from the night before. He wore the same black trench coat that brushed against his knees and the same large hat with the pointed brim that came over his face.

   Miku gasped and stared at the stranger. She was not expecting him to come again. Why was he here?

   The stranger turned and looked at Miku. He then smiled that same familiar smile.

   "Wh-what? You're here again? Why?" Miku asked in a whisper.

   The stranger grinned more and walked closer to Miku as he raised his right index finger to his lips, ordering her to be quiet.

   Miku pouted with confusion. Just who was this young man? She still didn't know. She would've asked, but being quiet seemed so relevant.

   The stranger walked up to Miku, then knelt by her bedside. He then gently took her head in his hands and pulled their faces close together.

   Miku felt her face become hot again. It was obvious he was staring into her eyes. Just why was it that boys adored her eyes? They were nothing special.

   The young man gently ran his thumb under Miku's lower eyelid as he continued staring at her. This made the heat on Miku's face worsen and become more intense.

   The stranger must have understood Miku's embarrassment, because he released Miku's head from his hands and stood. He smiled and waved farewell before running towards the window. Just like the night before.

   "Wait!" Miku shouted, a bit louder than she was expecting.

   The stranger turned his head and looked back at Miku.

   "Who are you? What's your name?" She asked, still curious about who this stranger was.

   But the stranger only smirked and shook his head. "Tomorrow night" he whispered, barely audible. He was more mouthing the words than whispering them. He then leaped out the window, leaving Miku disappointed in his answer.

   Miku did not bother going to her window and seeing if he was fine from the fall. She knew he landed safely. Somehow...

   She then rested back down on her bed and closed her eyes, sending her into a deep slumber.


   "As with any normal feeling of love, right now I'll be sure that you fall for it!" the boy screamed out in song as he laughed hysterically and walked through the garden in the dead cold night.

   It watched him as he danced around singing this crazed tune. It knew who the young blonde boy was singing about, and it filled It with rage. Another faint sneer quietly echoed out.

   The blonde boy continued singing and dancing about. The more the blonde sang about intoxication and trickery, the more It became enraged. So enraged. To the point where It could take it no longer. Would take it no longer.


   Len snickered and continued singing this tune of his. He fumbled in his pocket and stroked the cold glass bottle. Oh how he wished he could use it now. No. Not now. He must wait. Wait for the perfect time.

   Instead, he went on singing and prancing. Oh how he felt so proud and intelligent. He felt sly and dominant. He couldn't wait for these emotions to take off and soar even higher. But he would have to wait.

   Len walked up to the apple tree and looked up at it. The red fruit that hung from it looked delicious. No one is looking. I suppose I could take just one... Len thought and smirked to himself.

   Just then, a cold sharp object was pressed against the back of his neck. Len gasped and widened his eyes.

   The sharp blade lowered to the center of his back as Len trembled with fear. Who was this? Who would dare have the nerve to attack him?

   Len turned his head and glanced behind him. He saw two bright blue eyes staring at him and causing him to gasp. The sharp piercing of the stare was intense. Or perhaps the sharp piercing was coming from his back, where a cold blade pierced through his silk white suit and through his skin.

   Len screamed and fell to the cold wet ground beneath him as everything went dark as his body became numb.


   "Even with a few shallow holes...
   I won't leave behind any trace..."
So to make up for the last few short chapters, I wrote this long one ^^;

Part1: Stares [link]
Part2: Spark [link]
Part3: Garden [link]
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Part5: Burn [link]
Part6: Shadow [link]
Part8: Breaking Chain [link]
part9: Clear [link]

Cantarella: WhiteFlame (otherwise known as KurousaP)
Kaito, Rin, Len, and Miku Hatsune: Crypton future media
fanfiction: me obviously XP
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